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SM Wi-Fi analyzer app & study tool & 5g vs 4g and Comparison of 2G vs 3G vs 4G vs 5G

The motor vehicles connected with the 5G network to operate independently are known as 5G Autonomous vehicles. These are also called Next-Generation vehicles, incorporated with 5G coverage that enables the vehicles taking decisions autonomously by communicating even with other vehicles connected with the 5G network. Though 5G can offer several latest application options for the advanced operation of autonomous rides, it has been predicted that 5G vehicles will be the replacement of traditional motor vehicles. Every 5G autonomous vehicle can get interconnected with each other by using advanced network connectivity for a mode of smooth road transport. 

Nowadays, automobile manufacturing companies are manufacturing 5G autonomous cars, busses, trucks, etc., because of the increasing demand for 5G autonomous vehicles in the global market. So, to keep the 5G network coverage fast among autonomous vehicles, the role of a network testing tool is creating an increasing demand across the Telecom industry. The RantCell app is one of the best network testing tools that help to do stringent network testing and fix the issue if anything occurs - a cloud-based smartphone app designed to offer a quality user experience (QoE) to the end-users. Furthermore, RantCell software is beneficial for testing the network of autonomous vehicles by analyzing data collected based on 5G network coverage.

RantCell offer smart services such as 

=> wifi analyzer, wifi survey tool, wifi analyzer app smart service 

=> 5g vs 4g, difference between 4g and 5g, Comparison of 2G 3G 4G 5G | 2G vs 3G vs 4G vs 5G smart service. 

=> 5g autonomous vehicles, do autonomous vehicles need 5g, 5g network self-driving cars smart service.

=> 4g speed test, 4g lte speed test in kbps & mbps results, 4g lte download speed, average lte speed smart service.

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